A winter day of deer hunting

Whether You are a seasoned hunter or a novice interested in hunting, this is Your chance for a day out with deer hunting about an hour’s drive from Turku or Helsinki. Days can be tailored to need from a day’s outing to several day all-inclusive packets with accommodation. Days include hunting with dogs and/or a stake-out hunt.

We arrange transfers, accommodation, guides, meals and the hunt itself. You will need weatherproof equipment, own arms and a hunting right. For visitors from abroad we can arrange local permits. Possible catch can be delivered to You in the form You like.

Groups of 4-20, September to January.



About 90 % of white-tail deer are shot from hideouts. This form of hunting is easy to arrange with smaller input and smaller groups.
Even though us Finns are not trophy-hunters as such, it is always possible for the animal that deserves a place above the mantlehead to be in the wrong palce at the wrong time.

Groups of 1-10, September to January