Boating, fishing and life in the finnish Archipelago

Finnish archipelago is unique; something that can not be found elsewhere. If You haven’t seen it yet, here’s Your chance. We organize fishing trips from a day to several in the archipelago, where we can fish, enjoy the saunas and the sceneries. On longer trips acoommodation is in quality log cabins or if desired, in a tent with stove heating. On all trips meals are prepared of local produce and hiking and fishing in stunning scenery are also a part of the program.

Fish caught and methods use vary acoording to seasonal changes. The most common fish strived for are pike, pike-perch, perch, trout, herring and flounder. No own equipment is required, we arrange everything including fishing gear and permits when required.

Our trips have taken our customers to Uudenmaa archipelago, Turku archipelago, Selkämeri and also lake Inari and the Arctic Sea.

Groups of 2-12 persons.
Additional services: smoke sauna, swimming/ice swimming, accommodation in an inn, meals, transfers from Helsinki or Turku.